Choose e liquid tobacco flavor

You have probably noticed , the electronic cigarette shops are mushrooming everywhere in France , not to mention the media that scans the subject. If you have not noticed , maybe you live in a cave, cut off from the world 😉

With such a large selection , brands of e liquid refills are many and we can not count the number of flavors offered . Manufacturing and backgrounds , it is difficult to navigate for the consumer especially when the electronic cigarette one begins . As I have often mentioned in this blog , good choice of e liquid flavor is decisive.

It is therefore essential to test different flavors of e liquid tobacco before deciding . Ideally it is recommended to find a flavor and brand you can easily provide you with either buying a dedicated website or store near you . The e liquid is a product of renewal so take this into account in your choice.

E liquid tobacco flavor identical to my cigarettes:

No need to lie, find the taste of cigarettes via a refill e liquid does not exist. Imagine how the tobacco industry will react if tomorrow a brand marketed a full range of e liquid which reproduce the same all cigarettes in the market!

However it is quite possible to find a refill e liquid tobacco is actually closer to the feel of real tobacco. Most brands offer , available of course with different dosages of nicotine. Smokers can also choose between blond tobacco or tobacco brown . Certain tastes are sweeter than others, which is why it is important to test several times before deciding on a reference e liquid tobacco in particular.

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